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"Sunday night thoughts" or "Rambles with my cat snugged up against me."

My brain thinks it is December.

I am stressing trying to think of The Perfect Present for phoenix_jade this year. He seems to have no more needs...the Army is doing very well as keeping him housed and fed and physically and intellectually stimulated. I don't want to get him something I was able to just pick out at WalMart or that ultimately he will have to pack and put away either.

I am still mulling things over for him. I am hoping to see him at Thanksgiving. I have missed my baby brother.

(three stars stolen from gigiss and pr10n.)

I'm moving again. I have to chuckle a bit ruefully at myself. I joke that it is something I seem to do every year...keeps my stuff relatively culled down. This year it will be twice. Mostly I have books and art supplies. I am also custodian of Lawrence's television and soundsystem...a custody I suspect might eventually be permenant considering he has already purchased himself another tv whilst at Monterey and eventually when he's at the point in his life where he is getting really settled, he's going to get himself a flat screen television that will be enormously sized and WalMart priced.

I am grateful for The Rich who buy really, really expensive toys eventually driving the price down for us mere mortals.

F'r instance, I'm really excited hearing that Mindblowingly Rich People are now buying themselves space rides. I have hopes of going into space before I die. I hear it smells like burnt cookies. Keep going up Rich People!!!

I digress. :)

One of my good friends from my movie theater days lives in a house with a basement apartment. It's a bit more in rent but it has its own entrance, a kitchen, cable, the internet and utilities are included, its a lot more space AND it has its own washer and dryer. (that's the part that sells me.) Since where I currently live is going to be put on the market in February, the timing works pretty well.

It's a bit further out from work...however it's also just a hop skip and a jump away from karate. I think maybe in the summer time I'll be able to ride my bicycle to work...but biking home at night in the dark with the cars whizzing by me is fairly unnerving. I may be saving my biking for spin class. I look at squidley, at how utterly inspiring he and his biking have been to me...but I just don't dare ride home in the dark.


Been going over finances. I won't have accomplished all my financial goals this year...but I have accomplished a lot. I got two huge monkeys off my back and though I've been living tightly and rather close to the bone, I will have three more big ones taken care of by April. My car will be paid off, my motorcycle will be paid off (and wow, was THAT ever a lesson!) and a loan from my parents will be paid off. I'll still have my student debt to work on after that...but in the eyes of the world I will be debt free.

(I've started to get hounded by credit card companies offering me cards and deals...and I think, uh ... NO. I just got OUT of debt with you!)


Also going over my exercise regimen between karate and the gym. I've been slacking in the gym and even though I've been doing karate I can't slack the latter. I need that endorphin rush in the morning as well as doing more cardio and weight training. I completely nose planted this year in terms of exercise and I mean to Get My Body Back.

I figure if I am diligent I will be where I want to be physically by April. Along with losing debt, I'm planning on losing this extra sludge. I was telling wyckhurst about my 5-6 month plan and she encouraged me and reminded me regardless of what I did, the time was going to pass anyway. I AM looking forward to April...but I need to do what I need to do in the interim to be there at the finish line as well.

Hear that...I AM going to be competing in that tri in May. So say me all! ;)

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