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"Other O & E" or "Drabbles of the Day"

Good things about the day include seeing several cousins I haven't seen for a good long while. One of my cousins is starting to spearhead a `cousin only reunion' which I am more up for than ever. I told my cousins I was tired of seeing them where we had to meet at the mortuary first!

Had fun playing with the nieces and nephews.

Oh...and remember all that cleaning of my mother's house? At the funeral they announced that there was going to be a luncheon served at this particular ward the only people that came over were Suzanne and the kids. Not that I overly minded. We were all so exhausted by the end I don't think I could've dealt with much company.

Sam wanted to watch Prison of Azkaban (he hadn't seen it) but the other kids were pretty rambunctious and Hazel I think was so overtired that the screaming really was something to experience. Poor have their Saturday so disrupted.

Sam was very interested in the hole at the cemetary. Usually after the service, everybody drives to the graveside, it is dedicated and then we all file away and let the guys do their job in getting the casket in the ...outer shell? and lowered.

This time around we all hung around and watched...and it was actually really interesting. I'd wondered how they seal the casket into the outer shell...and I wondered exactly how deep they dig it and how close they are to other graves. As I mentioned in my other entry, they were so close together you could actually see a bit of my cousin's case. I found it surprisingly comforting. I know Briant was there to greet Leelyn on the other side (and probably knowing him, scold the heck out of her) and I'm glad they're buried so close to each other as well.

I thought about zombie movies as well as all things Buffy ... there's no way someone could just "claw their way to the surface" after being encased in all of that.

Saw my grandparent's gravestones. Hello Grandma &'ve you been? My, 9 years goes by fast. I haven't been to that cemetary since they got planted. I thought at the mortuary at my grandmother's funeral how the only thing Sam was interested in was going up and down the stairs. He was 1.5 and was determined to learn how to traverse them. I spent most of my grandmother's viewing just holding his hand as he went up and down.

Made me think about my own funeral plans. Note: I want mine UNDER an hour. I want people still missing me...not checking their watches. I do not want stories how when I was little I would steal gum out of ashtrays. I want lots of music.

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