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"Believe it or not I'm walking on air" or "Look, up in the sky!"

I have been trying to encourage my brain to lucid dream.  Some nights are successful, some are not.  I've been working on flying in my dreams.  Usually when I can get myself in the air it's more of a hover.  I have a hard time getting altitude or having any real speed whatsoever.

In some reading I did on lucid dreaming pertaining to flight I came across this bit of advice.  "Try to imagine you have a force coming out of your feet or your body and use that to propel you forward."

Let me just say...holy cow it WORKS.  Talk about the best dream EVER.  I'm having a hard time cornering or even changing directions quickly but the sheer fact of being able to TAKE OFF and KEEP GOING is pretty frakking amazing.
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