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"Karate report" or "Rrarr!"

Karate was fun tonight. It was a pretty good mix of kickboxing (more pad holding for each other...and wow, that wears you out,) as well as learning how to do an armbar from the side. Jujitsu is very technical but I like it because dude...it WORKS.

It's 11:30 and the endorphins are still cruising my system. Rrarr.

I NEED to make myself get up in the morning and do something energetic...and eventually I WILL get the momentum going...but karate 3 to 4 nights a week isn't anything to sneeze at either.

I think we're going to start throwing some judo into the mix. This will be good for me as I have no idea how to Properly Fall. I'm always afraid of breaking my neck.

The shin still hurts and though the bruise isn't that impressive looking...it hurts when I poke it. (So quit poking it!) It's down to mostly a dull ache. Like right now. Lying in bed, typing in my LJ I'm very aware of it.

They are doing sparring tomorrow night at 6:00. I think I may go to it and then meet up at Rachael and Mary's at 9:00 to catch the rebroadcast of Battlestar Galactica. Last weeks' episode annoyed me to no end...and it was made even worse after listening to the podcast.

I think a night of sparring will be interesting. And it's a crazy tough workout!

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