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"10 Things" or "Musings"

1. The massage therapist came in to work today and I was up on the roster. It's a nice company perk. She mentioned how tight my back and arms were. I think since I have started karate again that's to be expected.

2. Been working on some fun animation at work...yes, the galloping horse and rider. It is exceedingly difficult to work with 3 characters and make sure they're not floating through each other. It's been a good learning curve.
Also makes me much more aware of what makes a good rig and what makes a character a royal pain in the butt. F'rinstnace...I don't want to have to be constantly repositioning the hips and feet to make sure the knees are blowing out backwards. Same for the elbows!

3. clymerchick made me a new watchband. MADE. She designed the pattern and since she is many things crafty did a bit of card weaving and got it all hooked up. It's awesome.

This is my 5th watchband for this particular watch. (It's 11.5 years old) I expect this new band will last a good long while. My last watchband I got when I was in a rush and it was the only one available. Lasted about a year. As I said, fairly crappy.

If you're wondering it's a Mickey Mouse indiglo. I still have my other Mickey Mouse watch that plays "It's a Small World and "Mickey Mouse club" (and she made a watchband for that one as well) but it's really nice to be able to quicky suss up the time in the dark.

4. My cousin's girl's funeral will be on Saturday. There weren't any plans for a big family Thanksgiving event this year. Looks like we're all going to be gathered together anyway. It's a sad, sad thing. I talked to my mom a bit tonight and she told me that Leelyn had actually done a bit of shopping with her sister a few days before and actually got some books on animation. This makes me unbelievably sad.

5. Speaking of animation I and the other animator will be doing a presentation at South Davis Jr. High next Tuesday. Amazing how fast a year goes by. It will be a better day than it was a year ago, that's for sure. When I'm done at the jr. high, going to make a beeline to the airport where I'm flying off to Oakland and then driving to Yosemite with Lisa and meeting up with her folks. I'm hoping we can swing by Monterey and at least say hello to pheonix_jade..

6. Speaking of my youngest brother, Uncle Sam also just issed him a 30 gig video ipod to help him learn Arabic. I need to figure out how to make downloadable iPod videos.

7. Today there is no #7.

8. I'm a bit annoyed at Google. I noticed for Memorial Day this year there was no "novelty logo." They usually have them for various holidays and events...some more than a little obscure. There wasn't anything for Veteran's Day in the US this year either but they had a lovely one for Canada with the second "g" in Google being made of poppies. (Flander's Field and all that.) Rather deliberate, ignore sacrifices AMERICAN soldiers have made. I thought their corporate motto was "Don't be evil."

9. My older brother fallenpegasus flies in tomorrow to ...I of support during this time of family tragedy. I told my mom (who has a shrillion things to do,) to not let him sit downstairs surfing the net and to put him to work. He's tall. We should have him dust the top of the bookshelves and set up the houses. ) :)

10. Have I mentioned how much I love Beowulf? Well, I do. He's big and fluffy and cuddles up to me at night and comes and meets me at the door when I come home. What a terrific guy.

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