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"Walk it off, walk it off" or "Uh...can somebody go upstairs and get some ice?"

Sparring tonight.

It's been a frakking long time since I have sparred and mostly it was against Sabina since my previous class was so wee.

I used some of Sensei Evans pads for my hands and feet and he put me in this mask to protect my face and my glasses. It was not unlike wearing a knight's helmet...anything I could see was extremely limited through a small visor. It also got rather claustrophobic in there...and I couldn't even take it off when it got too much since the back strap was broken and S.E. TAPED me into it.

Sparring is TOUGH. A full round of it feels like sprinting half a mile. 4 rounds and I was majorly sucking wind, not to mention feeling like the Man in the Iron Mask. Sweat is my friend. Sweat stinging in my eyes and I'm unable to rub them...not so much.

Note to self: Put in contacts tomorrow morning!

Still, I think I did pretty well until I got paired up against this other girl...and the first 5 seconds we went to kick each other and nailed each other HARD on the shin.

I immediately started limping and got waved out of the ring and was told to just walk it off.

30 seconds later I went to rub my still shooting with pain shin...and noticed it was SWELLING.

It got to the size of maybe half a hard boiled looked like a cartoon. I showed it to S.E. and he grinned, told me I should invest in some shin guards (oh yeah!) and then sent someone upstairs to get some ice.

It quit hurting and I was more in awe at the size of the lump but he had me sit the rest of the evening out.

Now I'm home and have had a nice hot shower, a nice reasonable dinner and my cat is cuddled up next to me. My shin is still swollen though not nearly as dramatic as it was. I suspect I'm going to have a lump there for a good long while.



Sensei Evans told me he was impressed at how much I have been improving. I told him I felt like...and a LOT last week...that much of it, I feel like my body is simply starting to remember a lot of it. This is very cool.

I haven't been wearing my proper gei nor my belt...I felt like a bit of a fraud in them I have forgotten so much but he told me to start wearing my belt...and that he was really going to start working with me to train me for my next belt test.

That would be purple...the first intermediate color. Pretty awesome. I look good in purple. ;)

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