Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Karate report" or "Quivering hands"

Another exhausting day at karate last night.  We did a lot of punching/kicking combos.  We pair up, one person wearing the gloves and another person handling the pads.  Hitting a target is a lot more strenuous that simple shadow boxing.  When you go to hit the pad, the person wearing the pads is supposed to give some resistance...come out and meet the punch.  My partner last night thought that meant hit with the pad as hard as the person hits with the glove.  Needless to say I got worn out very, very quickly.  My poor left arm felt like rubber.

Three rounds of this back and forth just absolutely wiped me out.

When we were done I took off the gloves and noted with a bit of alarm my hands were shaking.  I quipped,  "Glad I'm not a surgeon!"
Tags: karate

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