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"Karate Report" or "Left, Right, Hook, DUCK!"

Another hard core day at Karate today. A lot of stretching... (I am so not as limber as I was a year ago.'s just astounding how much I've let myself go,) and a lot of hard core cardio. More of the 1-10 pushup/situp beast he had us do yesterday and then this monsterous ab exercise.

Description of horrendous ab exercise:
You have a parter hold your feet tight and you start sitting upright and then slowly reclining back using only your obliques on one side. Don't let your back touch the ground and slowly recline back to 5 counts. When you are reclined (with your back NOT touching the ground) shift sides and slowly go back up to 5 seconds, shift sides again, back down for 5 and then back up to your original side/starting position. That's ONE.

We did three and I was nearly crying by the end it hurt so bad. Jett shredded stomach muscles fo' SURE tonight.

We did a fun game where Sensei Evans put a pad in the middle of the floor. You and your partner lay on opposite ends of the room and when he yelled GO you had to scramble, crawl, roll... anything to get to the pad short of standing up. The person that got there last had 30 seconds of hard core hitting the pad.

I got there late the first time but not the second two. The thing's just as much work to hold the pad for your partner!

We also did a fun one where he dropped the pad on the floor...set you and your partner a certain distance apart (not as far as the first time,) and you and your partner had to race to the middle by crab walking there. You then had to use your legs to try to drag the mat to your side. If you lost you had to give 15 pushups. Most everybody else it got rather vicious but I totally schooled my the point I felt bad and did the last 15 pushups with her.

No jujitsu tonight. We did a lot of punching, kicking combos though. Unlike Sabina where we shadowboxed, Sensei Evans has us holding pads for each other and actually making contact. This makes one very, very, very tired and sore but it's also a ton of fun.

I was a bit happy, disgustingly squishy sweaty mess by the end.

I love karate. :)

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