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"Mr. Animator?" or "Wow..."

Got this in my email box today...I guess in response to an interesting side topic political thread on Animation Nation (where I would guess 95% of the posters lean left.):

"okay mr republican animator... when will you be enlisting and going over there to right the
wrongs against the oppressed??...or are you another bloated
right wing fat ass comic book masturbator who's all talk, like
thomas and charles and lefty (and rumsfeld and cheney and
bush)?? "

It's interesting...they didn't post this on the actual thread...they instead emailed me personally...and obviously don't know anything about me...except uh...dude, I'm a girl! the tolerance and discussion.  I wonder animation executives run roughshod over animators in general.  We're so busy with our infighting and bickering and whining we let ourselves get taken advantage of.
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