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"The Karate Report" or "RRRRAAAARRR!!!"

Karate Report:

Started week 4 tonight. (Missed last night...was over at a friends house.) We have been learning a lot of Jujitsu which involves a lot of grappling around on the ground. It has been kicking my butt but tonight Sensei Evans really put us in high gear with a hard core workout first. I'm totally going to feel it tomorrow which is awesome. My arms are slowly getting their RRARR shape back and while I'm still slowly peeling off the sludge around the middle I am feeling a whole lot better.

He has us running in place semi lightly for a bit with our hands up in guard position and then yells "GO!" and we have to dance in place really really fast. When he yells again we have to drop down, do a pushup, do a sit up and then get back up running in place. The second time we do 2 pushups and 2 situps... all the way up to ten. You're really exhausted by the end.

He says for your blackbelt you have to go up to 50. All added up that is 1275 pushups. Um...holy freakin' cow! Even at my peak with Sabina I could only do 100 pushups.

I'm losing my desire for junk food. This is a GOOD THING. I've also cut myself back to one soda a day. (I get it in the morning. Hooray for Dr. Pepper!)

We did some really fun sweeps and holds tonight. Usually there is this other girl I pair up with but tonight I got paired up with Sam...15 or 16 year old boy. He's a cutie and reminds me a bit of my first high school crush. (I say this with a bemused tone...not a pervy 30 something year old woman.) He's also really STRONG so it's good to work with him since he really challenges me. He unintentionally cracked my back HARD tonight. Felt good. :)

Sensei Evans has said I've really improved in the 4 weeks. I feel so much better. Now if I can haul my lazy butt out of bed earlier in the morning...

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