Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Even more politics" or "Something I do"

Hey...the genie's out of the bottle...yet another political post!

Most of the time I view politics as sport.  People have their teams they root for... and those teams keep their fans happy by using tried and true strategies out of their respective play books.  Every so often they have to actually DELIVER from those play books to keep their base happy...but the ultimate goal is the acquisition and maintenance of power. 

(Look how ticked off the right base is right now at those in power.  This isn't an election for the left to's for the right to LOSE.)

A neat trick I've picked up to try and keep myself rational when it comes to politics (because, boy it's really, really easy to let one's blood boil over the smallest thing) is listen or read something a politician has said and think, "How would I feel about this statement if it came from the other side?"

Because THEN you're thinking about the statement...not just the team you root for.

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