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"Karate: Day II" or " do you not hit yourself in the head?"





I did better with the warm up routine today... no dry heaving so that's good. The one that makes me nearly lose my lunch is called Mountain Climbers. GLAH. Note to self: Do NOT eat before going to karate. I should have lunch maybe at 4:00 so it's all good and settled before I go.

We did some more jujitsu chokes and holds which is always fun. Sensai Evans is 250 lbs of muscle so it's always intimatating having him in your guard but it's also kind of empowering when he teaches you how to deal with it.

Later in the evening we got to play with nunchucks which was pretty darn cool. I am more than a little excited to learn weapons training. Nunchucks are for "ain't it cool" show, (well...most weapon training is,) but I am totally keen on learning the bo staff. Anyway, back to nunchucks. I need to get a padded one so I can practice at home. It so far involves a lot of figure 8s. :) We learned forms one and two... so I can do them and they ain't pretty...and I've got to learn how to not hit myself in the head! I'll get it though!


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