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"Karate: Day 1. Really. Last week doesn't really count." or "wibble wibble!"

My legs are all a wobble.

Seriously...they's all weeble wobble! And I might fall down!

Went to Karate tonight. And nearly threw up. In the first 15 minutes.


We did some cardio...which honestly, back in the day I was crazy fit wasn't that bad...almost sily. Tonightl...let's just say it's going to be a while before I'm back in fighting form. He saw me after doing a bunch of squats and I guess I was sweating like a ... oh well heck, sweaty and my face was all white... he told me to go outside and get some fresh air...which was perfect timing. I sucked in the cool October air, dry heaved a few times and thought, " we go. Day one."

As I quipped when I went back inside, "Trying not to get in touch with my inner aneurism!"

The more advanced students (of which I am NOT... at least for a while,) got to play with the bo staff for a while. Sensai worked with me and 2 other girls on some jujitsu holds and breaks...which actually was really empowering. It's pretty neat when you can throw a 250 lb guy off you. It was quite a workout. It does make me miss living with Rachael and Mary though. Then I could go home and practice with them. I'll figure something out because I need to practice.


I have every intention of getting my black belt before I'm 40.


I'm hoping in not too short a time I'll be able to look at this entry and laugh at myself, thinking how I nearly tossed cookies at a routine so elementary and basic.

I have to remind myself when I first starting going to Sabina... how I nearly threw up... and less than 6 months later I was actually looking pretty darn good...and that was only 2 nights a week.

It's going to be a while before my endurance gets built up again...before I start feeling STRONG...before the sludge melts off my gut... but ... it's a start.


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