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"Tonight...tonight," or "Kick, Jab, Cross, Rear Kick!"

Things are incredibly slow at work which actually has been kind of nice. I've mostly been using the downtime to work on my Maya skills but it's hard not to veg out and surf online. Must Improve Portfolio!

Today after we got back from the race track a few of us played a round of Warcraft. I haven't played it in a very long time like, oh about 10 years. Here's the thing... *I* like making my little villages and mining gold and harvesting lumber and making peasants and soldiers...all that nesty domestic world building stuff. I don't like fighting and mounting campaigns and I'm always a little hurt when one of my coworkers attacks ME. Hard not take personally y'know? I'm a bad gamer.


Went for a quick stop to my mom's house. She is a kitten napper! There was a little silver tabby that has been acting affectionate and mournful and hungry at my sisters. The kids love her but my brother in law is Mom took her home. I wanted to see this wee thing so I drove out, only to find that she has been dropped off at the vet overnight. She got her vaccinations and Mom figured it was going to just be easier to have her spayed the next morning as well. "Might as well traumatize her all at once!" So...I've yet to see this new little kitten.

She has been kept in the downstairs bathroom away from Edward. Mom says Edward knows something is up which amuses me to no end. I suspect ultimately it will be my dad that really bonds with this new cat. Edward is so very much my mom's cat. Dad loves it when I bring Wulfie over because Wulfie loves him and when they watch him for me, he likes to jump up and sleep with my dad. I think another cat (and she is reportedly highly affectionate) will be good for him.

I am always amused at my tough gruff dad lean over and pet a little animals. His tone softens and his hands are so gentle as they pet the critter.


KARATE tonight!

Worked with the beginner group for a little bit on some jujitsu. Learned some pretty neat holds. Have to check and see if they work in Real Life. :)

We got our pads on to spar a bit but Paul came in, asked me if I could see without my glasses, answer NOOOO, so I followed him in with the more advanced class. I worked with one of his students on some kick punch combos...which was good for him; he's getting ready to test with this stuff so having to teach someone else helps him remember, and good for me because some more one on one work. Worked up a good sweat, got my heart rate going and felt all tough again. Yay for that GRRR ARRRR endorphin rush.

And now I am home. Just had my hot milk and vanilla, about ready for schleeep.


Life is good.

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