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"Keep your hands up & your chin down" or "VROOOM!"

Went to karate last night only to find that I was an hour late.  They had neglected to tell me that class was now starting an hour earlier.  Paul felt really bad about it and so worked with me one on one for half an hour.

Holy cow, I have forgotten so much.  And learned some habits I need to undo.  And tell him I *can't* keep my chin down because then I CAN'T SEE.  Methinks I will be wearing contacts a whole lot more. 

Going back tonight (ON TIME, thank you very much,) and it will be interesting to work with the group.  Seems like a well and dedicated team.


Today at work we had a company party celebrating the successful launch of Pac-Man (it's still up in the air if we get another party for Snoopy launching,) so we went to FastCart Racing.  It was a ton of fun sitting in these little go-carts and tearing around the track.  My times were pretty bad but I had a good time.  My bones are still vibrating from the thrumming of the engine and I'm a little sick to my stomach with the smell of gasoline and exhaust and my ears kind of hurt from the noise...but it WAS A ton o' fun.


Fox News just came by the studio and sat over my shoulder as I played with (obviously for the camera) a scene from Snoopy vs the Red Baron.  Hee hee.  I might be on TV. least my shoulder.  Kee hee hee.

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