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Person from the past...

"Hi Jeanette," the voice said in a chipper tone. "This is your cousin Leslie. I'm in town and I wanted to see you tonight."

You could have knocked me over with a feather as I stood there listening to the messages on my phone. Ten years. I hadn't seen Leslie in TEN years.

It's funny though because I had been thinking about her just a few weeks ago when I was at Lagoon. I remember one time when she and I rode the Collossus 10 times in a row because we HAD to be the first in line. I remember how we used to count the flags as we went up.

We are the same age and have lived wildly different lives. She has four kids and a divorce. I live alone with a cat.

She came over this evening and it was so great to see her. She looked terrific (as well she should, having been a fitness instructor and all.) We talked about where we were at, how our birthdays hit us this year, about our family (and we laughed a LOT.) It was just a really good evening.

She has great kids, all really cute (and the oldest looks spookily like Amanda Bynes,) and fun. They liked the toys I had all over the place, from my fencing foil to my Finding Nemo toys and they liked my chicken noodle soup. (Except for her boy. I gave him a pickle and he loved it.)

I hope it's not another 10 years before I see her again.

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