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"Examples of my nerdy behavior" and "Friday update"

I am a cheerful nerd.

Had a few friends over at my folks house last night and we played an entertaining game of D&D. It's been big fun but I suspect this week or possibly next will be my last. My co worker who has been DMing our games has been let go from Smartbomb. The thing I have found really fun about it is seeing how different people's personalities affect the game.

Lisa, for instance would probably go the entire game without killing anything if she could get away with it. Rachael is surprisingly aggressive...Mary is the WORST dice roller EVER... and me...I'm actually surprised at how good at war tactics I am.

F'r instance... (warning, big nerdy alert!) last night we were put in a sitch where we were climbing on rocks around a bit sandy nesting ground for Purple Worms (which are frakking HUGE and mean and have like 200 hit points. *I* have like 14 hit points! And yet...we managed to blow the thing to smithereens. Even our DM was shocked. We weren't supposed to be able to KILL it...we were supposed to be able to barely get away! We gained so many experience points killing the thing we actually skipped a level when we leveled up. Went from a level 3 character to a level 5.

See...Big Time Nerd.


Still waiting on hearing back from Dave's auto. He called last night telling me they were going to need to keep Friday over night... some problems with the air intake manifold as well as replacing the timing belt. In short...wince and GULP. I'm hoping they'll be done soon so I can catch the 70 to Centerville and get my car.

In the interim I am watching episodes of Battlestar Galactica and drawing comics. There are worse fates. :)

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