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Well gentle reader, I'm on day 3 of my week off. Much errandage has been accomplished along with some quality time at the gym as well as long autumn walks. Le sigh. One could get used to this. Well, not for very long. I'd be bored and stir crazy.

The parents left for Missouri today to watch phoenix_jade graduate from Basic Training. I had a good long chat with him on Sundays. He passed his PT test which put him in a happy mood and he seemed excited to see the parents.

I'm hanging out in F'ton for the next few days cat sitting and so far the boys have been pretty quiet. It's early yet...I'm wondering how Edward is going to do when he realizes his Mommy ain't comin' home for a bit.

Part of the errands has been to drop Friday off at Dave's Auto in Centerville. The Check Engine light has been on for a few weeks now and despite the new brake pads (w00t, that was fun to learn how to do!) and changing the oil and all the other basic necessities, the darn orange continues to glow. Me, I suspect the timing belt is close...Friday just ticked over 70,000 miles a few weeks ago. Not too bad for a 1997 vehicle sez I!

Since I had no car and no parents I had to walk back this morning which turned out to be rather pleasant. In retrospect I shoulda just dropped Friday off wearing gym clothes and try to see how a run back (5 miles) would feel but I was in jeans and a long sleeved Tshirt and even in 15 minutes of walking I was already over heated. Tis muggy today, yep yep yep.


Sunday me and the folks went up to wyckhurst's in laws cabin where we celebrated my nephew's 10th birthday. TEN. How is it he is TEN?! MY first decade didn't go by that is it that his did? I remember being first on the scene after he was born...Suzanne had called telling me he was out and I scrambled to get into my vehicle and go. I kept yelling at my mom to hurry up and if she wasn't in the car in 3 minutes I was going to leave her!

We were there first and he was so little and so small. He had a head full of dark hair and kept peeking with one little eye at us.

A few days later, after Suzanne was back home I drove to her house to see how she and Sam were and she opened the door in a sorry, exhausted, bedraggled state. She looked at me and then asked me if I could watch Sam so she could pleeeeaaasse go have a shower? It was so pitiful.

She handed him to me on a pillow.


Four months later he was a fat and jolly 20 lb baby. I still giggle though, remembering baby Sam on a pillow and later baby Sam who looked like the michelin man. :)

He is a delight in my life.


Usually for the niece's and nephews birthdays I promise them a Big Fun Day with Aunt Jeanette. I thought a tenth birthday was something special so I sorta went to town. I got Sam a pad of bristol board (I gave him a sheet once and he really liked it and wanted more until I told him it was a dollar a sheet, so I'm hoping he draws stuff other than volcanoes and blue whales) and a drafting mechanical pencil and a kneaded eraser.

I made him a draw string pouch out of tiger fabric and it was fun watching him draw the items out. I put in a $10.00 roll of quarters (10, get it?) and a replica coin of a 1933 St. Gaudins Double Eagle. It's a nice replica...silver core and gold clad... a REAL one would be several, several thousand dollars. (That's the year FDR decided Americans shouldn't own gold and started confiscating it.) I also put in a small paua shell I got whilst in New Zealand. In short...he made out like a bandit. :)

Course...we loves Mighty Sam. And often does one add an extra digit to their age?


Been making it to the gym this week...yesterday actually went twice. Trying not to over kill but my body is simply CRAVING it. Happy to oblige. Well...except for gym but hey, 5 mile walk must count for something, yes?


Plans for the day: I have a lot of drawing I want to do. Red Sparrows and Frakking Toasters to draw...hopefully will get get me in fighting form for Saturday... it's the next 24 Hour Comic challenge. Be interesting to see what vomits forth this year.

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