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"Thoughts on exercise" plus "Jett has found a new place..."

I think I have found a new place to continue my martial arts studies!

I'm more than a little excited. I have missed the endorphins constantly coursing through my system. All last week I made it to the gym and hey, it's only Monday but I've had a good workout today as well. I expect to be radically sore the next few weeks as I get (finally!) back into my exercise routine.

It's a dojo with a wide mix of styles...which appeals to me greatly...and one really cool aspect is along with the mix we get to learn 5 forms of weapon training. It's mostly for forms and show...but heck yeah, I want to learn how to twirl a bo staff. RRARR.

The head of this dojo had substituted for my regular kickboxing teacher last year and Rachael and I loved him...he totally kicked our butt...and a really nice thing about him is he knows and respects my former teacher so I don't have to start all over again! I was SO close to being an intermediate student too. I'm sure It's going to take a few months to get back up to relative speed but I'm excited for it. Blue belt, here I come!

It's been a while since I've felt like an athlete...but I'm starting to feel like one again. My arms and sides and back are sore from this morning. I'm relishing it though...that means I did something RIGHT...muscles are shredding and healing and fixing themselves again.

When I first started working out...I couldn't believe how sore I was...different areas THE TIME SORE. I started to wonder just why people raved about getting in shape and working out etc if all you were was sore all the time. things tightened up and fat disappeared it became harder and harder to "be sore" the next day. My body had gotten used to regular exercise and didn't punish me for it. If I missed a day I felt it...I was grumpy as all get out. I am more or less pudded out again...but @#$% it all, that's changing!

I am starting to think and plot about things I want to do...goals I want to accomplish. For the last year I feel like I've mostly been in "survival mode." Pretty much anything that resembled a routine went out the window.

Now with my gym routine in the morning...I should be totally capable of doing a tri next year. Why not? I've been in shape before...I was running 5 miles last summer! I know what it takes...I can do it again...and then some!

I'm excited thinking about advancing in belts again. That's a feeling of real accomplishment knowing what it takes to get one of those. One of my goals before I'm 40 is a black belt.

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