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"Your old men shall dream dreams" or "Ribbons of ancestors..."

I dreamed that I was with a large group of people and we were leaving a place... and the passageway between where we were leaving and where we were going felt dangerous. We had to be very quiet and very cautious. We had to go to a place...a world I guess where things were scary and dark and we were very vulnerable there. There was something we had to find. Each of us had to find a stone which was smooth and white and sometimes glowed. We took our stones and headed back, again as quietly as we could. Any loud noise, anything that would draw attention to us we would lose the passageway back.

It was an important place we had to get to.

The group I was in got divided in two somehow.

Lisa was in that group.

Sometimes we could see where they were... it was sort of like there were dividers between us... we could see them...they could see us but we couldn't touch...we were somehow seperated and we didn't dare try to talk to each other for fear of the noise.

Her group was ahead of us...

We got out of the passageway...which was like a long tunnel of dark woods and it opened up into an enormous foyer. I could see massive doors with bright light spilling out of it.

There was no need to show anyone my stone...just the fact that we were there showed we had earned admittance into this...this meeting. It was a meeting.

I could hear a voice saying before my little group went in...saying that there seemed to be too few tonight...unless any other group made it in...they might not have the meeting tonight. I laughed to myself thinking they would be surprised to see us...and stepped into the ...

Was it a chapel? Was it a conference center? It was a place of meeting... but it was ... it was infinitely big. It had a podium in the front and a balcony as well and the ceiling was impossibly high. I knew I was dreaming. I knew every other person I saw was dreaming. This was a special dream I was that happens but rarely if ever. I knew I was in the company of dreamers and I was in something sacred and special.

I looked around for the group we had lost...and found to my surprise that while the place wasn't full... there were other groups that had made it to the meeting tonight as well. I looked around for a place to sit. I had come in a group but I sat down individually. I kept looking around for Lisa but didn't see her.

Soon people were walking around and talking and meeting people...and as I sat there... I saw Alex coming up. She had a green shirt on and curiously enough was wearing glasses.

In this place... this world between worlds... this colliding of dreams all the hurts and anger didn't matter. We hugged each other and I marveled at how real this dream felt. I told her of the dream I had had the previous night... where she and I were sitting opposite each other in a church meeting... and she had had a newborn little girl.

Her face crumpled at that and she began to cry and I tried to soothe her.

I kept looking around for Lisa wondering if she was watching all of this and how she felt about it.

"I do love you," I told Alex. "I always have."
"I know," she said. "I love you too."
I wondered how I would feel about all of this upon waking up and asked her about it. How curious to know one is in a dream...and anything you say in the dream...will it matter in the morning? Will we even remember this in the morning?
"I don't know," she said.

There was some sort of ... announcement made... and suddenly, coming through veils in the sides of the great chapel...came people. I knew that they were ancestors...people who had gone on before... and I felt excited and anxious. They were coming in lines...streaming like ribbons into the chapel.
A woman came up to Alex...she looked very much related to her and quipped something about North Bay... and Alex gave a startled cry and gave her a hug. We got seperated by all the people surrounding her...and soon surrounding me.

I wish I could remember all of them. I wish I could remember their faces. They were all very bright. I saw my grandparents...I saw people...that I don't remember. They were coming so fast... I wanted time to slow down. One of them was very nearly past me before I gave a cry and raced to him. "BRIANT!" I said.
It was my cousin who had died in a car crash 9 years ago. I don't remember the conversation. He looked happy. He looked happy to see me.

Not a relation but I saw Mark Hills who laughed and joked with me. He told me he found out tonight was my night and he snuck in with the group of people who were coming to see me even though he wasn't a blood relation. I was overjoyed to see him. He looked good. He looked happy.
He asked if I had made up with Alex yet.
I told him I had not.
He started to berate me...since he has visited me in other dreams telling me I had to do so.
This made me angry and I told him it wasn't that easy... she had hurt me deeply and I was handling things the best I could!
His jovial demeanor faded a bit and he told me he would back off.
He hugged me and I could feel him and then he had to hurry off to catch up with the people who were now leaving the "chapel" and slipping back through the "walls" which were really gauzy forest.

It seemed forever and also a nothing amount of time. The people had gone back from where they had come...and us, the dreamers were slowly filing our way out to other dreams from where we would awaken. Some would remember this dream...most wouldn't. I wondered how many people got to come more than once. I saw some workers...fixing some things in the darkened foyer and making a comment about "tomorrow," and I realized this ... great meeting... was a nightly event... for them. The dreamers changed and the program changed... I knew that... but every night...people were dreaming Dreams.

I slipped into another dream... walking alone through a dark city... and later woke up.

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