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"Saturday is a special day" or "New chair!"

I didn't sleep well last night...there was much tossing and turning. I feel like my body has said "THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!" and it's time to listen to it! I wasn't sure if I wanted to throw up or go to the after a while of not puking I thought...okay lets try the other thing...and headed to the gym.

I have felt lethargic, sluggish, out of energy, out of light and it's only been getting worse and then I EAT to make myself feel better...or something anyway... as I said I felt like last night my body snapped. The half hearted exercise is ending... I got my schedule planned out and it started today.

I spent a half hour on the eliptical trainer (3 miles, 30 minutes, not too shabby) and it felt good. It felt really refreshing to walk outside and smell the autumn air and feel my hot sweaty skin chill in the slight breeze. I didn't end with that "RRARR I AM GOING TO KICK BUTT," when I was done...but it's going to take a while to get back into fighting shape. It's going to happen though.

I had no appetite today...I did chug massive quantities of water though. I am craving broccoli though. How weird is that?


I then headed to Centerville where I met my mom at the fabric store. There was a big sale going on so I picked out some fabric to make placemats for my friend who is getting married.

We also stopped at DI for no reason whatsoever. I strolled over to where their furniture and my eye was caught by a low to the floor partially reclined chair. The wood looked good and antique and the leather covering looked nice and not ratty at all. I sat down in the chair and promptly went to heaven. SO COMFY.

When mom joined me I made her sit in the chair. She looked dubious at first until she sat down and then went "OHHHH..." It was only 30 bucks and it is a high quality chair. My roommate says it makes her wish she was a therapist because it's totally the sort of chair she could sit in and say, "How do you feel about that?" Hee hee.



Off to Farmington where we quickly got ready for the Relief Society broadcast. (Note to my nonMormon flist: The Relief Society is the women's organization of the LDS church. Every 6 months broadcast from Salt Lake City is what is known as "General Conferene," where church leaders speak. Relief Society generally kicks it off a week before the rest of GC)

I actually rather enjoyed the broadcast. I have other thoughts but I think I'll save LJ from those.


Home again, home again. I managed to unload my new chair but I'm going to need some help getting it down the stairs. Perhaps I'll just keep it in the front room. I

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