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"!0 things" or "An update"

1. They (the news folks) are saying we are about 20 degrees below what is usually the norm this time of year. No wonder my brain is starting to buzz about Christmas presents and Thanksgiving. It feels like November!!! I have been wearing the hat Annette knit for me and the scarf wyckhurst knit for my Christmas present last year. Add that and my GAP hoodie and I'm all set.

2. Speaking of Christmas, I have my youngest brother's name this year. Usually he is the easiest person to shop for since he is deeeelighted with anything... but this year I have to consider what he's going to actually be allowed to have since by Christmas time he will be on Monteray. Last year we all (mostly) wound up making gifts for each other and it felt a lot more fun and meaningful than in years past. I have some ideas...I'll keep y'all posted.

3. I have plans Monday to take my vehicle in for some work. I have played being a hermit but now there are tasks I need to do before it gets too much colder or later in the year.

Muybridge's Gallop

4. I am now animating a horse at work. It's a free rig I downloaded from the net. Not the greatest model in the world but the rig is adequate for noodling around. When I get the gallop all finessed I want to add a rider.
In the meantime, I've been looking at my Muybridge for some reference and on a whim made this animated icon. Muybridge rules. Feel free to use the icon. I love those old moving photographs.
And did you know...Muybridge shot that horse on a bet...? More on him later.

5. Went for a run last night. Mile and a half...and then walked a mile and a half. Didn't check my time but it felt good to get up a sweat.

6. Also watched Grey's Anatomy last night. McDreamy is a McJERK!!! I can't BELIEVE this guy, nor can I believe people are rooting for the two of them to get together. On the positive side, I cheered when we saw Meredith actually eating a sandwich!!!


Jett's problems with McDreamy:

a. He didn't disclose to Mer when they were first getting involved that he had a WIFE back home...and while she HAD cheated on him, he hadn't divorced her.

b. When Addison (the wife) came back, he kept the two of them pingponging... (and don't get me started on the whole dating your boss thing. He should know better and the hospital should have thrown the both of them out on their rears.)

c. He decides to STAY with his wife...making her abandon her career back east and removing her from her friends and support group.

d. He then proceeds to treat his wife like crap, constantly mooning over Meredith, won't emotionally commit and basically holds her infidelity over her head like a club. (If you agree to "try again" doesn't that mean you have a blank slate?)

e. Freaks out and proceeds to act like a caveman seeing Meredith move on and start dating a genuinely nice guy.

f. He then cheats with Mer while on a DATE with his wife with all the grace of two feckless teenagers in a closet in the hospital...

and then tells MER that "she has a choice," meaning, "hey, choose me over that nice guy you are dating," before even telling his wife (who gave up everything to move to Seattle with him to try to make their marriage work.)

I wanted to find a frying pan and throw it at his McDreamy face. ARGH.

g. Plus...I really like Addison. I'd keep watching this show if there weren't a Mer and McDreamy in the cast.


7. Today there is no #7.

8. In two weeks I will be participating again in the 24 Hour Comic Challenge. I'm trying not to think of ideas. I am looking forward to it though...that explosive creative high is awesome.

9. Along with the "it's cold!" theme I actually hooked up my grandma's electric blanket I inherited plus another quilt. Now I'm all toasty at night. Less than a month ago I was still sleeping on TOP of my bed because it was so hot.

10. I need a haircut in a woefully bad I'm getting a mullet sort of way. YIKES!!!
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