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"Naked Tuesday!" or "From the archives..."

Been so busy that I haven't had any time to post the last2 forays into Naked Tuesday. I made it twice in August and I think I had fairly successful nights. The models were fantastic and I tried a variety of styles... I actually really, really like the one done with ballpoint.

The 8th, most of my drawings I did an enthusiastic "eh," but I did do one straight with a brush pen that I really rather like. I like how Cassandra has coiled herself up and yet gives us so many interesting things to look at... like her right hand

I tried a variety of things on the 15th...and honestly, I think my favorite is the one I noodled out with ballpoint pen. The "finished one" is nice too and even Kamille complimented it. THAT'S a good feeling.

Click the banner to get to the 8th and then click to the 15th.


What do you think sirs?
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