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"Heber 1981" or "Memories"

In 1981 the entire Atwood side of my family met for a family reunion in Heber Utah. If I had gone as a teenager I might have been bored silly. If I had gone as an adult I would have gotten tired of the horse smell...but since I was 8 and was meeting cousins for the first time in my memory it was a big fun family reunion. There were horseback rides and wagons full of hay and we had a small church service in a barn. I remember sitting on the bales of hay.

My grandma had made shirts for all of us...the boys got these blue jerseys with their initals on them. The girls got flowered camisole type tops. Naturally I wanted a jersey and as I recall I kept trying to talk my cousin Johnathan out of his since we had the same initials.

I am the one in brown pants squinting in the sun. I was 8.

Next to me on my right is my sister wyckhurstwho would turn 10 in August. My older brother fallenpegasus is directly over her right shoulder. He was 12. Standing directly behind him is my dad who turned 40 that year. The woman to my father's left is my mother who would turn 38 that year.

Near the end of the boy's line are Brent (6) (who doesn't have an LJ) and phoenix_jade who had barely turned 4. He's the second smallest one...the one NOT in diapers.


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Sep. 13th, 2006 04:23 am (UTC)
This is a great, classic picture. Sooz looks like a tall, gangly Olivia.

And you! Trying to con your cousin out of his jersey.

'Course I can't really blame you. Those flowery tops are a bit too sexy for my tastes.
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