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"Five years ago" and "Five years from now."

Five years ago:

My September 11th story isn't that interesting. I will note that the day before I felt rather jittery and even wrote about it in my journal. I watched the news that night and noted how all the cable channels were salivating over Gary Condit's missing intern. I felt like they were pining for a Monica Lewinsky meets OJ sort of story and turned off the tv feeling weary. "There is NO new news," I said to myself before I went to bed. This is true.

The next morning I slept in a bit late. The phone rang about the same time as my roommate pounded on the door. The phone was my mother. The pounding was for me to come watch the tv.

I did not see the planes hit.

I did not even see the towers fall except for replays which I saw over and over and over again all that day.

September 11th was too much for me to process that day. It had to seep in, slowly.

The bus to work was many things had had to be rerouted. Everyone was talking. Everyone had a theory. I felt very alone in the middle of all the people.

I wanted to go home to Farmington and be hugged by my mother.

I wanted to fly to Canada and take comfort and refuge from my friend there.

I went to work. I animated bugs that day.

For lunchI met a friend (we had planned this a few days ago.) She had just gone to New York and she showed me pictures of her trip. We sat at the waters edge in the park in Kirkland and looked at them. I looked out and saw Seattle's profile and noted what a stunningly beautiful day it was.

I talked to BJ for a few hours that night and we both mourned. I told him I loved him.

I talked to Alex for a few hours that night and I took comfort in her friendship. I told her I loved her.

I wondered what it was like to be Canadian and to watch this great wound inflicted upon the United States.

A few days later. broadcast from the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City was a memorial broadcast. I went to the stake center where the service was piped in and sat and listened. I stood with the rest of the congregation and as the choir started to sing America the Beautiful I wept and could not stop.


Five Years From Now:

Here are things I predict in no particular order.

1. We will wake up one day to read that some place has been nuked. It will not have been the United States that has detonated it.
2. Gas will reach $5.00 a gallon.
3. We will be drilling in the Arctic.
4. Tesla motors will not yet be a household name like Ford or Toyota ...but they will be more visable than they are now.
5. There will be another major attack on US soil killing several thousands.
6. Democrats will blame the former Bush administration for not doing enough to fight terrorism.
7. Republicans will blame Democrats as well as leaks to major newspapers effectively kiboshing programs that actually worked in fighting terrorism.
8. A show made and distributed through the internet will be a huge hit. TV will freak out.
9. More terrorists attacks will occur in Europe. France will be hard hit. The United States will not pontificate that the French had it coming.
10. A 2D animated movie will be a hit causing pundits to wonder if audiences are tired of 3D.
11. "One lone deranged Muslim" doing something homicidal stories will become commonplace.
12. Carry permits for concealed weapons will increase dramatically.
13. iPods and personal laptops will be prohibited on planes causing much howling from passengers and airlines alike.
14. 4 gigs of ram and 500 gigs of harddrive space will seem woefully inadequate for a computer.
15. There will be a very public, but ineffective attempt on the life of the President.
16. Hillary and Al Gore will be make runs for the presidency in 08. Al will run as the anti war candidate. Hillary will attempt to portray herself as a moderate.
17. They will lose.
18. My two younger brothers will be fathers.
19. Gay marriage will still be used to froth up both political sides.
20. In five years I will be 38.

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