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"Briiittaaaanny!" or "Take II for B"

One of my best friends just got engaged:

We have known each other since we were 9 years old and have been best friends really since high school. We bonded mostly because we were the only two who had to ride the bus. Most of the other girls in the neighborhood we grew up with were driving. We shared a locker our senior year and brushed our teeth every day in the bathroom. We would take the bus home and meet her dad who was just getting ready to catch his bus and take her infant niece back up the hill so Brittany could watch her. Krissany called Brittany "Mama" before her own mother.

We have had completely different interests though there have been a few convergences. She likes to go dancing. I like to stay home and watch Mystery Science Theater 3000. She is fastidious about her appearance. I'm a bit of a slob. She likes to flirt with boys. I do not. She likes math. I like art.

We both love musicals. We went to see A Chorus Line and Les Mis our senior year of high school. Last year we went to see Thoroughly Modern Millie and Little Women. We both love listening to Soundtrack Saturdays. (How nerdy are we?)

This is her second marriage. I hated the first guy she married and one bright Saturday afternoon before the wedding we sat in the cab of my dad's truck and I cried pointing out to her all the mistakes she swore she would never make.

She married him anyway of course...not that I expected her to change her mind. I did tell her I would support her no matter what. She was married a few months before I left on my mission.

She got divorced a little over a year and half later...shortly before I got HOME from the mission. She told me not to be sad for her...and I felt a bit guilty that I didn't feel sad at all. I was happy and relieved and a bit selfish that I would get my friend back...and that she got out of it before any kids were involved.

We stay in relative contact with each other...she made the trek up to Canada my third year to visit. It was a strange colliding of worlds to see her at Sheridan...and going to one of my last ceilis and dancing with BJ and hanging out in my res room. Some of my favorite giggly memories involves three of us crammed into my bed at the rez room and trying to fall asleep. Let me rephrase...I WAS trying to fall asleep. Brittany and my other friend who helped me pick her up had a mad case of the giggles. It was a blinding snowstorm outside and the giggling just wouldn't stop. I snarled at them to GO TO SLEEP...but then *I* got the giggles.

We watched a bit of Kids in the Hall, (Ai luhv eet `ere. Everzhing eez zho fhlammable!") and a bit of Angela Anaconda. (I hope Oh la la knows how many butts those lips have kissed!)

She also visited me in Seattle...and cheesed me off royally going off the last night of her visit (I went home from work early so we could have a good hangout) only to arrive home to see Brittany and my other friend Brad getting ready to go out. Of course since it was BRAD smooching was also involved.


A few months ago a relatively new guy gave a talk in the ward. His talk was honest and open and heartfelt...and also very, very funny. He was late 30s...been divorced 4 or 5 years and had a few kids. I told Brittany she should go out with him...she was used to raising other people's children. ;) She laughed at that...and introduced herself...and before I knew it they were dating.

And now they are engaged. She is happy and a bit giddy. Quite a contrast from the first time when I felt like I was watching a car wreck.

I am most happy for her.

Of course...I have already given her my traditional wedding present of Scrabble. What do you give somebody when they're getting married AGAIN?

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