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"Naked Naked Tuesday Tuesday" or "Two weeks in one!"

11 July 2006

The always lovely Cassandra was back and is even more of a joy to draw. Her gestures have become FIERCE...just all manners of stretch and coiled energy. She had a rope full of knots dangling from the ceiling and really used them to create the most elegant stretches and tensed muscles. I think my gestures are improving though they still are a bit mushy.

I was really rusty with the long pose though. I like the drawing of the long drawing the more I see it but it still doesn't sing to me.

25 July 2006

Cassandra again and if possible her poses were even more dynamic. I love the gesture I'm posting though with the long elegant line of her back which tapers into her leg and the other side all coiled and bunched up. There's something suggestive of a story in it which I like.

I like how the long pose came out as well though I think (as usual) I went a little overboard on the white...but I think my handling IS becoming a bit more delicate. I don't feel the languid stretch in the drawing that was present in real life though... it feels a bit stiff. I do like the line quality though and I really like her left arm.


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What do you think sirs?
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