Jett (jatg) wrote,

"I TOLD you SO!" or "Disney's heart starts beating again..."

This just in...

Disney has announced that a 2D feature is indeed in the works:

"In an animation panel, Eric Goldberg, who will be heading up a shorts program at the Mouse House, said that a new 2D film, titled, THE FROG PRINCESS, is in development at thestudio. Moreover, LITTLE MERMAID directors Ron Clements and John Muskerwill be helming the film."

Buying Pixar and putting Lasseter in charge has been one of the best `Post Walt' decisions in Disney history.

(For those of you wondering, Eric Goldberg pitched "The Frog Prince," which was to be a skewering of fairytales several YEARS before Shrek...only to be turned down again and again. THANK you Eisner. TBHTTT.)
Tags: animation, art, disney

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