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"Team sports" or "Jett goes for home"

A month or so ago our office manager wanted suggestions of athletic things our company can do. She wants to keep us all fit and healthy so along with a number of drawings and contests based on how much exercise one does she was looking for more ideas.

Off the cuff I jotted down, "A softball game vs the other game company in town."

I promptly forgot about it... until a few weeks ago when she asked me if I had signed up yet.

"Yeah...the softball game!"

"Softball game? I don't play softball!"

"You HAVE to was YOUR IDEA!!!!"

Sho' nuff, she had done the leg the clearances and approvals ...and today we played softball against Avalanche Software. They are a big company...big enough they have their OWN INTERNAL SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT.

So yeah...we kind of got killed.

But not TOO bad...we only lost by 7. I played catcher for the first few innings and then sat the rest out though I was up to bat 3 or 4 times... I got hits every time...and I actually came in once...and stole two bases. :) Kinda cool.


I do not play team sports...I especially do not play COED sports. I get too competitive and I can feel my blood pressure rise when we are losing. Plus I hate knowing we are losing and I am a crappy player. I also hate playing with guys for a variety of reasons.

I miss kickboxing. I have GOT to find another martial arts place to go to. I like the comraderie of a team but I like that in the end it's all about ME. I am not dependent on a team...nor are they counting on me.
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