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"Independence Day" or "Random thoughts on the 4th"

I collect bicentennial coins... the drummer boys (I'm around the 200 mark now,) as well as 50 cent pieces...the dollar coins... I love em. I'm starting to branch into other areas of coin collecting besides hoarding 1776-1976 coins but's the aquisition of a new drummer boy of Independence Hall 50 cent piece...and the even more rare and startling bicenennial Eisnehauer dollar that makes me smile. Long time readers of my LJ might remember from my movie theater days how I would rank a day based on drummer boys that came into the theater. One day was a 13 drummer boy day.

I have extremely vague memories of the bicentennial in 1976.

My final goal in life is to live to see the tricentennial of the United States.

Today I have 70 years left to live.

Today it has been 230 days since we signed the Declaration of Independence. (Okay, so it wasn't all signed and ratified until later that year in 1776 but this is the day that celebrate.)

God bless America.

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