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"Side by Side" or "Putting it Together"

I've never been in this studio space before and it has been 6+ years since BJ and I have sat by each other working on our animation... but it feels like I have been here forever. Like no time whatsoever has passed since we worked on our films at Sheridan and attempted our monumental "Alpha CD Fest." (I believe we got to the "S's")

He's putting together his movie with a program called Flipbook which...while there are some frustrating aspects about it, is fairly intuitive. I spent all day scanning and assembling 2 layers of special effects for a quick little scene. Twas great, great fun.

Also...we unabashedly cranked the Sondheim...listened to Theatrically Challenged and other various show tunes.

Ah, I have *missed* this.

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