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Well, as stated, it was a lazy Sunday. We slept in, roamed around a bit and then returned home for a lazy Sunday afternoon nap. BJ zoned out immediately. I read for a bit in the living room (The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay) and dozed a bit as well.

Off to the beach to chat and read and watch the surf roll in.

Thoughts on the beach:

The beach is such a glorious, messy, unruly, delightful teem of humanity. All ages, all people, all religions all various stages of dress and undress... It didn't matter...everyone was there... kids were unruly, parents slathered on sunscreen and shrieked at them in various languages to slow down, be careful, watch your brother/sister... families gossiped about various other family members... some people put their garbage in the cans, some did not. Some fat little old couples walked up and down the boardwalk holding hands... young fit and hormonally raging youths eyed each other and some just made out in the water.

I so enjoyed watching them.

What a neat planet we are on.


Later that evening BJ made dinner...(oh, I've missed his cooking...as well as the cans of fake meat he gets from Loma Linda. I am amused at the number of adventists...practicing or not...that are growing in my life. Heck, I like the fake meat...I adore their fake hot dogs.) and we watched Maverick which we decided was a near perfect film. So fun, such wonderful dialogue, such fun twists in the plot. It's just a wonderful, wonderful film...directed by none other than Richard Donner who also brought you Superman. (See how sneaky I am for working that in?)

Tonight we're going to watch "Freaks"...a flick I've wanted to see for years.

Today though...today we are off to Chewbone Studios. I am excited to go to a place that flips paper.




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Jul. 3rd, 2006 07:27 pm (UTC)
I saw fireflies for the first time when I was 20 years old. They delight me and pretty much turn me into a little kid (which you'd probably say isn't that hard to do...)

I'm glad you're having fun. Enjoy the paper flipping, superb company and veggie meats. ;)

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