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Things I like:

1. The money. I love loonies and toonies.
2. The mentality. Canada is the world's biggest small town. There's not a whole lot of "Canadiana" IN Canada...but if hanging out with a Canadian OUTSIDE of Canada they get all excited when they see somebody else with a Canadian flag. "You're from Canada?! I'M from Canada."
3. The doughnuts. Maybe it's just an Ontario thing...but I swear...there are as many doughnut shops there as there are coffee shops in Seattle. I like how doughnut holes are called "Tim Bits" and I was made fun of for not knowing what Tim Bits were.
4. I will always love Canada for the NFB and how they kept the little candle of quality animation alive during the dark ages of the 70s and early 80s.
5. Sheridan College. Thank you Canada, just for that.
6. John Candy, Rick Moranis, William Shatner, Great Big Sea, Jim Carry... you can keep Celene Dion.
7. Canada has no #7.
8. Bilingualism. I like how everything is printed in English AND in French...but I only met one or two Canadians who were really rather fluent in French.
9. I like how everybody takes off their shoes when they go into somebody's house. Again, maybe it's an Ontario thing but I liked it.
10. The flag. I like how after it was pointed out to me you can see in the negative space surrounding the maple leaf in the middle the profile of two people talking.


Happy Canada Day!


Jul. 2nd, 2006 02:40 am (UTC)
1. I used to hate them (they get awful heavy) then I learned to put my change in a jar. Boy it doesn't take long to collect $100 with our coin system!

2. Love it. Oh so true

3. I belive "timbits" is one word ;)

10. I had no idea! Just pulled my flag out and stared at it until I found them. WAY cool and Thanks!

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