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"Superman!!!!" or "How Jett felt like 5 years old again for 2.5 hours."

From the moment the credits started...and they DID the credits ala the opening credits from Superman to when the last note faded away during the final crawl ... I felt like a happy little kid. Superman! Superman! Superman!!! And he WAS...he wasn't aping Christopher Reeve but he made it his own. And honestly...his Superman was asked to play emotions Chris Reeve's Supes never had to...and you cheered and ached and loved and hurt for him. Darn it...he was Superman.

Sure...there were some plot points that make my head scratch...and some issues big time unresolved...but I Loved It.

A more cogent review tomorrow after I get some sleep.

Also upon coming home...clymerchick had a treasure hunt for me... that involved bad poetry (which made me smile) and old coins she had been accumulating (which made me gasp) and a pirate chest she had built...complete with an antique key and lock set. It's one of the best birthday presents I've ever been given. I'm sure tomorrow (as I said...after I've had some sleep)... I'll be even more astonished at it all.

Arrrr! Superman and pirate booty me hearties. Twas a good birthday indeed, yarrr!

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