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"Ten things" or "An update that includes stuff other than Superman but it does talk about Supes stil

1. It appears my figure drawing group is starting up again.
We have a session scheduled for Friday to check the lighting and then ... hurrah, the return of Naked Tuesdays!
Shant (does that have an apostrophe? Should it be shan't?) be going next Tuesday though. It's the 27th and I have a date with the Man of Steel.

2. I have been more productive at work which is good.
I have been really getting into lighting some scenes and creating textures which has been really fun to learn.

3. I also credit my lack of crankiness with my walks with Dan.
I upped to 5 lb weights on my arms... so I'm lugging around an extra 10 lbs but my arms are snapping back into their last summer yowza kickboxing fitness level. This is a relief... not just for my arms but my clothes are looser again and I *feel* so much better. The walks are SUCH a great division in the day.

4. If you have a mac and you too are a Superman fan... be sure and check this out!
Man of Steel 3D screensaver!

5. I have been listening to several podcasts...
Mormon Stories as well as new and classic Sunstone podcasts have been fascinating listens. They have been thought provoking to say the least. I am a member of a fascinating church...and I must admit, the internet has made it much more fascinating since I am able to have access to more member thought as well as discussions and materials and history that are beyond the 6th grade correlated level that IS the Sunday school manual.

6. Today there is no #6.
Oh wait...yes there is. We have heard from Private Atwood... he is still in processing so does not have an address yet. Army precision at its finest. Sigh.

7. Finally finished my clip job on Beowulf last Saturday.
He feels like grey velvet and didn't draw too much blood. Truly I have a superior cat. He does NOT like being clipped...but accepted it...while not manfully... he did keep coming back for pets and treats every five minutes AND later that night succumbed to a bath as well. I told him I wouldn't have to do it if he did a better job at keeping himself tidy. I told him the fur around his bum smelled like a rest stop. In Nevada.
He has been staying at my parents house... no real reason except that it is hot and he gets to roam outside more than he does at work. I think my dad really likes him around too. Not to say my mom doesn''s just that Edward is HER cat and Edward and Dad both know it. It's funny seeing my gruff, unsentimental dad so soft around a cat. :)

8. I am the BEST AUNT EVER!!!
I gave Henry a Superman shirt which he of course when I saw the dark navy ones that glowed in the dark I picked him up another one. Suzanne told me later that Sam had said that he wished he had one too... so I promptly went back to WalMart and got him one.
I gave Sam his Superman shirt (and Henry a Superman action figure) at my folks house this Tuesday. I later went in the backyard and saw Olivia who was looking a little dejected so I picked her up and said, "Did you want one too?" She nodded sadly and I hugged her and whispered in her ear, "Guess what? I have one in the car for YOU TOO!"
She was excited about that and I was proud of myself for getting another shirt, just in case.
She's worn it too... my sister posted a pic of her in it...using it for her pajamas. SO cute.
I have seen girls Superman shirts... they are a pale pink with the shield a darker hotter pink...but not any lately. If anybody has seen them, let me know!

9. So...what DID I think about the Superman Returns soundtrack?

John Ottman seems to have done a credible job at creating a score that while references John William's masterpiece does not merely take it and put it through a blender to regurgitate. It is miles better than any of the drek that was used in Superman II (and Superman III and IV are apocriphal at best.) It's hard to say how good it is when it is only an hour of what is reported to be a 2 hour score... AND I haven't seen it in context yet.
Is it the best thing I've heard since...Superman? No. But it IS A fun listen and I admit that 5 note motif... GGCGG just makes me SQUEEEE every time.

10. Tonight going to pass by Farmington and my mom's quilt group. She is demonstrating how to do ... um... bow tie blocks.

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