Jett (jatg) wrote,

"ARROOOOO!!!!" or "The one where Jett talks about feeling athletic again..."

So I've been doing walks with Dan...and lately I've been making them more strenous. First it was nice just to be moving again...and then I brought weights back into the picture...and then I started upping the weight...and THEN I started running for bits of it.

Today we walked up to the mile and a half maker...and then...I ran back.


All the way.

A mile and a half.

Which granted isn't THAT far and there are people on my flist who scoff at that and wouldn't even consider it a warmup....but for me this is huge. See...I was feeling like this a year ago...all cute and ahtletic...and while I knew I had a lot of sludge to pull off...I was FEELING really awesome. So of course I stumbled and faceplanted into bouts of depression and apathy. And now I am feeling that energetic RRAAAAAHHH that courses through you when you are getting an endorphin kick on a regular basis.

Do I have a ways to go? Absolutely. There's plenty of sludge I need to remelt off... I'm nowhere near as strong as I was a year ago... but DANG it...I ran a mile and a half today and felt like I could've done more!

The really great part...

13:00 minutes.
Tags: exercise, running

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