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Here's a blurb that ran in the Deseret News today. They got his age wrong. I wonder if we're ever going to know exactly what happened...and does it really matter?

I find though, while being sad, I am also making a lot of jokes that I know he would appreciate. When I heard that his obituary was going to run probably tomorrow or the next day I thought how Mark would really appreciate a funny facitious one.

"Mark was a skilled lightsaber repair technician, helping many Padowan Jedi from accidentally beheading themselves. He was an accomplished coin tosser and had recieved a lifelong ban from several carnivals and amusement parks. He was exceptionally proud of this accomplishment."

I'm going to consider the last thing he wrote on his nsyzygy LJ his obit: Mark has left this Galaxy.

wyckhurst started laughing today, thinking of not just the samurai pictures...but of the HUNDREDS he had taken of himself with his webcam in all varieties of costumes and, uh, not...that Curt was going to have to go through! She laughed thinking how Mark would be freaking out, knowing someone was going through all of those!
"I can just hear him going, AAAAAAAA!!!!" she laughed.

Jokes are good...especially knowing what a wiseacre he was!

xenologuepointed out something I had thought of myself. He'd probably be laughing a bit how he ultimately went. I mean, who gets electrocuted at UPS?!

I wonder though...I wonder...I wonder... I wonder if he had a choice. A lot can happen in a fraction of a second. Did he decide to go? Could he have decided to stay?

Someday I will have to ask him.

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