Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Things I think" or "Ten things"

1. Went on a walk with Dan...not too far today...only 2 miles. I had my 3 lb weights. Another one of my coworkers went and snapped a picture of us. I look at it and sigh heavily...I have a ways to go. But then I look at Dan...who has been going diligently for about 2 months now... He is hard pressed to see any real and notable progress... he was unable to weigh himself when he started and all his pants were draw strings. I am there to tell him that his stamina is increasing (it is), his face is thinning (it is...he now has a neck) and the massive weight around his waist is riding lower and is a lot less solid. Progress. I am proud of him. And go me punching the air with 3 lb weights.

2. I liked Cars...but I have quibbles about the story. I'll wait for everyone to see it before blathering on about it. Visually it is a feast for the eyes. Wow.

3. I've gotten myself involved in a project where I am reading a book out loud and recording it. I try to do a few chapters a night. It's such a good way to decompress from the day, plus it's good for my voice.

4. Work is getting increasingly frustrating. My morale is not high.

5. Been making placemats with my mom over the weekend. I am delighted as to how they are coming out. :)

6. My little brother goes off to Basic this week.

7. Speaking of Cars and my little brother, we went to see it together. Later that evening we went to play D&D with a few of his friends who were...not welcoming. They crossed over from unfriendly to downright rude. I left early. I will not be going back. Too's a fun way to spend an evening but not if you don't enjoy the company.

8. Today there is no #8.

9. I need another crystal ball to help me determine the next 6 months.

10. I am saving up my pennies for a mac mini... probably not until the second half of July though. Got another bill to pay off. Whew!
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