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"Ten things" or "Teaser for a massive update"

1. Had lunch with John. He called me up out of the blue and we had salads at Wendys. He is one of those souls that leaves me energized and fed creatively and spiritually. Today I was also fed physically. Also, yay for small Frosties.

2. Smartbomb is NOT opening up a satellite studio in San Francisco. What I find most interesting is my primal first reaction was one of relief. Not that I wasn't looking forward to going...but I was NOT excited about the game I would have been working on there.

3. Work is frustrating. I am just trying to duck my head, do a good job and keep my options open when I'm done with this current project.

4. One of those options may be a 6 month stint TAing animation in New Zealand. I am more than quite heartily wanting to make that happen. What happens after that? Who knows? Who cares! New ZEALAND!

5. I need to draw more. C'mon y'all...admit miss my drawing.

6. I need to find another life drawing place. I am so rusty it scares me.

7. Walks with Dan are great. I need to kick it up a notch.

8. Today there is no #8.

9. My youngest brother goes off to basic in roughly 2 weeks. I will miss him fiercely but I feel really at peace about his decision. For one's HIS decision...he's not a little boy, he's smart, they'll take good care of him and for another...I just feel really good about it for him.

10. I love this weather.
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