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It was an impossibly beautiful evening as I drove home from Farmington today. The sun was low but still providing plenty of light which made for long vibrant shadows and all the colors in the sky seemed to be richly oversaturated and everything on the ground glowed golden on the side facing the sun.

Twas gorgeous.

I spent the afternoon moving boxes in the upper loft of the shed at my folks house. My youngest brother was bringing things home from Logan and naturally I had to do some rearranging of things as well. This was not on my plan when I went up. I went up to drop off a cute little carnation for Happy Mothers Day Mom.

I went through all of my stuff ... and found myself going through several of my past lives. Everything from some high school memorabilia to the mission (Ah, Hermana Atwood...what an idealist you are with such a black and white world,) to Sheridan and even bits of Seattle as well as when I first returned back to Utah, wounded with my proverbial tail tucked between my legs. Let's not dwell on THAT life for too long!

Maybe it's a good thing I've been so defensive and cynical while at my parents house because it made it just that much easier to go through STUFF and get rid of at least a third of my pile and just move on.

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