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"Stalling out" or "Captain, we're off course!"

Suffered a series of mild epiphanies this last week. Nothing TOO grandiose...more of a "rudder adjustment" to use one of my favorite phrases. I (and therefore, my life) has been getting off track...or at least stalled. I feel like I'm that turtle sitting on the road. (Grapes of Wrath. Yeah.)

My exercise schedule isn't as good as it was last year. Heck, except for the walks, it's nearly non existent with me. Now I am feeling fat and bloated and thick soft and I cringe realizing that my "fat girl clothes" are starting to feel uncomfortably tight. Last year I was getting ready to run 5Ks, had size 10 clothes hanging loosely on me and was happily collecting belts as I progressed with my kickboxing instructor.

Red Sparrow and Frakking Toasters...I've been getting emails wondering if I'm dead or at least have given them up.

I really *really* miss Naked Tuesdays.

My scripture reading has gone out the window. "Oh my soul hungers." It really DOES.

My conversations with my Heavenly Father aren't nearly as deep or conversational as they need to be, especially with so many aspects of my life in dire need of divine guidance.


I understand lives take moments of pause.


Mine has been paused long enough.

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