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"Bit o' family drama" and "Some doings and thoughts"

It's been a while since I have done a non Superman post. I AM excited about the movie but I don't think it's any big secret I've been using that to hide a little bit. Let me poke my snail-like head out.

In no particular order here are some doings:

1. I went to my sister's twice this week. There has been more than a little drama between my sister and her oldest boy's principal. (Short readers digest version: wyckhurst found out that her oldest boy's principal told him it was on his IEP that if he didn't behave and wasn't a good boy he was going to be sent to a Behavior Unit. Yeah. Behave or you're going to go to a psych ward!!!)

Not only was it NOT on his IEP S is NOT the type of troubled kid that would ever be sent to a place like that. Basically as my sister told the principal he killed a fly with a missile. Not only was the principal not sheepish about getting called on it, he stood by his decision proudly. "But it WORKED!" he kept saying (she recorded the meeting) and then did this whole "I've been doing this for 37 years" ie: I know best you hippy dippy parent! It worked, he was a good boy, I don't see the problem.

AARRGHHH. I'm so glad my nephew has my sister for his mom to help him deal with lunacy like that. RRARRR!!!!

Because of all of this she had to explain to him that he was autistic...what that meant (he hadn't known,) as well as some adults lie and aren't sorry for bad things they do. My poor sister. I was talking with her on the phone and she mentioned ruefully that in the last few months she has had to explain sex, porn and now autism. She handled all of them with extreme grace coupled with this calming frankness I think my sister has always posessed but my heart does still ache for my nephew.

OBVIOUSLY I got really caught up reading about it...I would check every few hours for the latest post/update and some specific aspects of it really came home to me.

One of her posts where she details finding out that he had been bullied by a kid who was ostensibly his friend coupled with the emotional abuse that his principal had saddled him with...well, let's just say I started tearing up as I read that post and promptly started sobbing when I was done. As I said, it brought a lot of things back...I remembered feeling so alone and so trapped and bullied by these kids...and I had no way to set up emotional barriers...everything cut, everything hurt and I must've been a bullies dream because I was SUCH a fun target!
People change, people grow up...but on occasion I think we are reminded of wounds thought long healed...or at least sufficiently scabbed over.

She is doing everything she can to help smooth the path before him and I am grateful he has her to help slay some of his dragons.

Last night was much more entertaining. Things were slow at work, what with almost everyone at the E3 Expo. The people that were there took a long lunch on Friday and when they came back they worked for a half hour or so and then started playing some connected shoot em up game. I looked about, quietly packing up my things...and ...Jett has left the building!

Insert thought:
I do not really play video games. Some of them, like Warcraft or Starcraft I used to like to play. I deliberately avoided Sims because I knew it would be something I would LOVE and would take a LOT of my time.
Most of your 3rd person shooter type games I can't play. I get lost, I get disoriented, I get motion sick and bottom line...after a half hour or so of shooting zombiesmonstersotherplayers... I'm sorry...BORING!!!!!

I spent the evening at my sisters and got to play with the 4 nieces and nephews. Fun, fun, fun! They love me...I love them. I helped my sister tidy up a bit and later she and Bill went out to eat. I had Little Caesar's Pizza with the 3 others outside, pushed them through the tub and then had storytime, prayers and then bundled up in their rooms. I rule!

Later when Suzanne and Bill came back I watched the Battlestar Galactica miniseries with them. Always good but I think they are the 9th or 10th people I have watched it with. They liked it...especially Bill. Mua ha ha.

Insert thought:
The only episodes of Lost I have seen have been at my sisters house ... and I guess you're supposed to watch it from the beginning...but I find it kind of silly and it has the feel that the writers are just making stuff up 2 or 3 episodes ahead.
"Please Jack! You have to help me push the button! I can't do it myself!"
Uh...or what? *Something* might happen.


"Watch the guys push the button. They think it's THE most important thing. HA HA HA"
"We HAVE to push the button. Now more than ever! It's fate and faith and is my name spelled Eco or Echo?"

I can just imagine the writers meetings:
"Now what?"
" `bout another hatch?"
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