Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Good evening Miss Lane" or "Thoughts on Lois"

He'll forgive me I hope...but here's an excerpt of an email I wrote to BJ about the upcoming Superman movie:

Honestly I think Lois is the hardest character to get a handle on...she has changed much over the years... from your typical ditsy damsel in distress to balls out feminist to something in between. I mean...who IS she other than Superman's girl friend?

Actually, a lot.

She is brave, she is intrepid...she's an army brat who never had anything stable in her life. (Makes sense she falls in love with a guy who can fly.) The Planet is really her family. She loves Superman but isn't willing to make herself a fool over him...I mean...she has enough self confidence to believe that HE will come chasing after her...not the other way around...and he DOES.

I think Lois probably one of the more complicated characters to get a handle on for writing AND portraying.
I like the look of the actress...there is an elegance about her...very 40s classic. I am a bit horrified to realize she is only 22 years old...and she's supposed to have a 5 year old kid and a previous relationship with Supes?

I rather liked Margo Kidder...she seemed actually a bit OLDER than Superman...which made for a bit of a fun dynamic. She's not naive nor innocent...both traits that Supes kind of has. I think she is attracted to him BECAUSE he has no guile. When he says "truth, justice and the American way," she laughs but stops when she realizes he is completely honest and serious. And how appealing is THAT?

(obviously I have spent way too much of my life thinking of these characters.)"
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