Jett (jatg) wrote,

"If I were Canadian I'd sign it" or "Why is she even ON your money?" or "Same for New Zealand!"

Canada has beautiful money. On one side.


I like the simple elegance of the leaves on the penny...the beaver on the nickel...I really rather like the quarters and the loonies (well...I think the loonies need a bit of a redesign) and twoonies (is that how you spell that?) ..especially the twoonies. LOVE em. As I said. Their coins are beautiful. On one side. The other side...on the queen. And it's not necessarily the greatest profile ever either. And when she dies are they gonna put Charles on? Yoinks!

(As much as I loved New Zealand I thought the money was kind of ugly. And there's THAT WOMAN AGAIN!)

Not that I have anything against the queen. I secretly hope (okay, since I'm typing's not so secret) that she outlives everybody in her family so none of her nutty offspring inherits the throne. But I've never really GOTTEN why she's still on Canadian coins. I, sure...but...every flippin' (and yes, I understand by the use of the word `flippin' I sound silly and very Provo Mormonish which I am instead I'll say:) frakkin' (which still makes me sound silly but more of a sci-fi kind of nutbar) ONE? I mean...c'mon lady...I'm sure there are plenty of famous dead Canadians like uh... hmm. John Candy... who wouldn't look too bad gracing your coinage.

Off With Her Head


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