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The Mega Pushup Update

For me personally, the pushup contest has been a lot of work, but it's been quite a bit of fun. I had a lot of people do theirs last night and while they grumbled a bit, most needed no coaxing to get down and do them again. Most of them broke their previous records by at least 5.
A girl in concessions and I are using each other as personal barometers. She does more, but my form is better. We're really good at screaming at each other to give up just a little bit more. Turns out I'm quite good at motivational yelling. "C'mon! YOU can do it! GIMME FIVE MORE!!! COME ON!!!! PUSH!!!!!!"

I'm happy to report last night though I did FORTY. Yes, FORTY pushups! My best before was 32! Progress!


I'll be honest, the form on the last 3 was really pathetic...but I DID them. My arms were shaking for a good 20 minutes when I got done and felt like noodles for the rest of the night but I was hideously proud of myself. The personal goal is to do a smooth GOOD 50 by the end of the month. We'll see.

Offically starting by the numbers BFL on Monday. Maybe I'll get my webcam to take my start pictures...which I will promptly hide away.


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