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"Moments of Peace" or "Right now I am content"

1. Right now my cat is asleep on my legs. He looks like he has been through a dull lawnmower but most of his mats are now out. I need to finish his clip job but he is purring and sleeping on his head so I guess he has forgiven me the trauma of yesterday.

2. I have my gym clothes laid out for tomorrow morning. Spin class baby.

3. I've chatted with clymerchick (why yes, I did introduce her to the wonderful world of LJ) (yes, she's the one I did that climbing icon for) as well as eralcym and my sister.

3. My nieces and nephews apparantly have been watching the Tom and Jerry DVDs I've given them. My sister says they have been watching and laughing their heads off. I am delighted of course. Tom and Jerry were some of my favorites growing up.

4. Superman: the Concert Version just started on Imagine Avenue. le Sigh.

5. I had a big long chat the other night with my best friend in Chicago where we discussed everything from the Superman score to trade with China. We *rarely* agree on anything and I love him dearly.

6. Went out to Farmington on Saturday. I stayed long enough for my dad to grill hamburgers and whine enough to get my folks to agree to eating out on the deck for the first time this year. It was a gorgeous day and a perfect evening for sitting outside. I am hoping for many more summer nights eating hamburgers out on the deck.

7. The phrase "Sam is weeping on the steps" still makes me giggle.

8. Last night I was listening to Soundtrack Saturdays and a song from Annie Get Your Gun came on sung by Bernadette Peters. I knew she had been named after a saint (the Catholic kind...not the Mormon ;)) so I researched it a little bit...and hours later had to laugh at how one interest led to another:

St. Bernadette of Lourdes was a saint for a lot of reasons (mostly after a head injury having several visions and conversations with `The Immaculate Conception' (ie: Mary)) but she's also notably famous for having an incorruptible corpse. They exhumed her a few years after burial and to their surprise she was in remarkably good shape. So they washed her, put her in some new clothes and reburied her. (Bolded for my own "EW EW EW" emphasis. (apparently though the few hours she was out and they were washing her etc her body started to blacken a bit. Again with the EWE EW EW!))
They freakin' kept DIGGING HER UP... finally after declaring a saint and they took some organs etc (which were, again, in astonishingly good shape) to send back to Rome... put a wax film/mask on her (since the general public wouldn't really like her blackened skin) and now she is on permenant display.

So...from that I wound up researching various mummies and famous corpses and bodies on display (always sorta wanted to see Lenin)... and finally found myself back reading about famous Catholic bodies...when I found myself morbidly (oh no kidding) drawn to the horrific tale of Pope Pius XII.
Apparently his personal physician was a bit of a quack (he was injecting the Pope with sheep fetal cells! (?!?!?!!!!)) and when the Pope lay dying the guy was taking photos of the death throes of the poor guy and later tried to sell them to newspapers.

All this is a set up for THIS fascinating bit of information:

Pius XII's doctor claimed to have a new and superior way of embalming and it put it lightly...a DISASTER. He encased the body in a cellophane bag and just dumped various herbs and spices (he claimed it was the same stuff the egyptians used) in it. Rather than retarding the degradation process... in the late summer season it only seemed to SPEED THINGS UP. While Pope Pius XII lay in state...people filing past were horrified to watch him literally decomposing before their eyes. His skin went blue then GREEN and then BLACK...and the stench got so bad the poor guards had to be rotated every FIFTEEN MINUTES or else they would pass out. Before the viewing period was up the Pope's NOSE FELL OFF!!!!

Can you *imagine* if that had happened in the days of modern media?! Can you IMAGINE what the news would be like?

"Tonight, an update on the condition of the you can see Katie, in the last 12 hours his body has significantly bloated and darkened to a more purplish hue from last night's pale green..."

(There has been much speculation about John Paul II...he said he did not wish to be embalmed but there is just no way he could have layed/lay/lain ? in state that long without something. The Vatican DID say he was `prepared for viewing.' Some schools of thought speculate he was lightly embalmled and he was laid/lain/lay (?) with a refrigeration unit underneath him to keep his body cool in the summer air.

How gross am I for reading that late about the funeral arrangements and body preparation of various popes? Sheesh.

I love wikipedia.

Apologies for the gross factor.

(and the more I read about all this stuff the more I think I want all my organs donated to every last bit that can use them...heart, eyes, kidneys, lungs, skin ) and cremate the rest. Glah!)

9. I have a truckload of stuff to do this week but it's FUN stuff. It's ACTING stuff...not the general mindless stuff a lot of game animation is.

10. As I said with #1, Beowulf is asleep on my legs...the candles are lit in my room, I've had an introspective day.

Tonight I am content.

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