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The Lagoon Report

I am leaping off brick walls, my Sneak Peek camera banging against my chest, I am dressing hundreds of sweaty faceless people in various soggy outfits, I am throwing 40lb rolls of paper down tables, papering them at 4:00 in the morning.
I am sitting over there in the shade eating my lunch and reading Les Miserables. I am joking with the crew in the employee kitchen asking them to make me special orders, and because I make them laugh, they do.

I had a great time. I have never been to Lagoon with little kids and it was so much fun watching them on various rides. Watching O go on Puff, her mouth Lilo wide. Seeing S, delighted at the `water volcano' at Lagoon-a-Beach. Poor H, a trooper though it all. Too little to ride anything, and suffering with as much dignity as an 17 month old can muster having to be wetted down to avoid heat stroke.

Riding with S & O both down Rattlesnake Rapids, not realizing just how wet we were going to get, and me the repentant aunt, trying to shield them (mostly without success) from a final, decisive waterfall.

Suzanne had a fun time too I think even though she didn't really get to go on anything.
We had fun at the waterpark. (My favorite part. Coming out of the dressing room...whereupon S looked at me and said cheerfully, "Aunt Jeanette, you have fat legs!"
The thing is, (and yes, he's right,) looking around that waterpark, EVERYBODY was fat...and those that weren't, were too thin! So, I looked JUST fine, thank you very much. (Still working out in the mornings at the gym at the apartment though.)

We didn't spend much time at the waterpark. H was just on the verge of having had it, so Suzanne decided to call it a day. We lucked out with the event having fallen on a `Bounce Back' day, so we get to go back next week for 6 buck a ticket. What a deal. We are going to go and spend all day at the waterpark and THAT will be Big Fun.

I bid Suzanne and the kids farewell and then got to go on a few Big Kid rides. I rode a few of my sentimental favorites, The Colossus and The White Rollercoaster (turning into the BROWN roller coaster, (more on THAT later,) and quite a few of the new rides. I did The Rocket, which despite having some abysmal art really was quite fun. It's simple really. They strap you in, legs dangling...take you really really really really high (and BOY is THAT a view!) and let go. Mini skydiving.

What I found interesting:
When I went skydiving I was told that the first few seconds you get the sensation of falling and then it becomes an abstract thing.
This did NOT occur for me, and in fact I `fell' the entire 50 seconds until they mercifully pulled the chute.

With this particular ride though, I got the split second of falling and it then indeed became abstract. Really makes me want to try skydiving again.

It is a place full of ghosts with plenty of sights and weird dusty combination of smells to trip my lizard brain and throw me far back in time.
It was a very good day. I'm glad I went back and while I don't want to spend copious amounts of spare time, the place is a little less haunted.

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