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"Wednesday so far" or "Horse bones?! Why do you have...oh. It's Phar Lap."

A rather sedate day today so far. I woke up much earlier than Mark who I think came in last night around 3:30 or so after taking care of his email down in the lobby after 2 episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Fortunately for both Mark as well as me, I am heavy sleeper and didn't hear him come in.

I wrote in my journal a bit this morning and then had a shower which was frankly designed for two people to fool around in. I HAD eyed the ginormous bath which seemed to be designed for the exact same reason except I don't think Mark nor I would have been amused if I had filled the thing, climbed and settled in and then he had to use the bathroom or something.

So the shower was awesome but had a bit of a poor design for the floor as it pooled all over the whole bathroom.

Mark woke up a bit later and I went exploring a bit and had a rather nasty continental breakfast. He had a meeting at the Te Papa museum so I got to sit in for that. He's working with them on a collaborative project. Fascinating stuff but I got a bit fidgety near the end.

The rest of the morning we walked around the museum which was really cool...I got to see everything from Phar Laps bones...(I felt bad too...I was joking as I went strolling up, "You have HORSE bones one display?" and then saw to whom the bones belonged. Aww...poor Phar Lap) as well as the Britton motorcycle. Took a picture just for squidley. Thought he'd like to see it. NEAT looking bike.

Also got to see on display two huia birds...a male and a female. Felt a bit somber looking at them wondering if they were two that Lord Buller had killed and stuffed. They had a replica of a giant moa as well as a New Zealand eagle duking it out. I thought it was a bit fanciful until I read that all evidence showed that the two of them DID tussle it out and they even had on display some bones found of an eagles claw embedded in a moa skull. THAT must have been fearsome to watch!

Also for my nephew I stopped by the earth science display. They have a room with a projector and some neat cut away mirrors that gives one the sensation of being a 3/4 cutaway of the earth. Pictures coming for that. I thought he would be beyond fascinated with it. It really was well done.


Mark had another meeting (I am reminded of vacations with my dad) so we hopped another cab, checked into our new hotel and he went off to his meeting. I did some email and then have spent most of the afternoon walking around Wellington before coming home to a quick nap.

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