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Jett is IN the building!


I'm back online! It's amazing how cut off from the rest of the world I felt without internet access. It's funny, when I called Comcast for internet, they kept trying to push the whole cable package on me. I told them repeatedly I wasn't interested in expanded OR basic cable...and finally had to tell them I didn't even have a TELEVISION.

"Oh," she said, sounding a little stunned. "REALLY?"

And yet I have to have highspeed internet. Like I tell people, once you get used to it you can never go back. It's like a kitchen without a microwave.

Anyway, a little more sorting, some purchases to make (some wire cages to hold some of my stuff, ( I refuse to have nice neat little piles everywhere) and I'm good and set. I brought Beowulf home with me yesterday afternoon and he seems to be adjusting very well. He's almost as snuggley as when I brought him home from PAWS. Mom said she could really tell he had been missing me, so that makes me feel good and needed.

Last night I turned the lights down low, lit some candles, put some of my old favorite CDs on (fun to unpack stuff you haven't seen for a year. It's like Christmas and every present is for ME!) and hit the drawing board. I didn't think I had been drawing for too long, until I heard Wulfie mew. THREE HOURS had passed.

Drawing, lots and lots and lots and lots of drawing is better for my soul than just about anything. I felt so soothed. How could I have existed in a place where it was so difficult to pick up a pencil?

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