Jett (jatg) wrote,

"My doings" or "WETA TODAY! WETA TODAY!!!"

A rather sedate day yesterday. I spent some time in the HITlab and later biked around Christchurch spending most of the time in the giant park in the middle of the city. Turned out to be a beautiful sunny day...quite a relief since most of the days have been somewhat overcast.

Went back to Mark's place and got dinner going (venison patties!) and things were coming off just as he got home. I felt oh so domestic.

We are flying to Wellington today, having a tour at Weta...(WETA!!!)and seeing a play tonight. MarkB is on a panel afterwards taking about science and art. In preparation for it he came home with 2 copies of the play so we spent the evening reading it. It will be interesting to see it in person now after having read it. I read the part of Major Kemp, a Maori elder. His part will be played by the guy who played the grandfather in Whale THIS is gonna be good.

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